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People fear public speaking more than they fear being buried alive.

(Psychology Today)


Number of daily marketing messages people are exposed to each day.

(The Guardian)


The time a potential customer takes to form an opinion about you.





"The Impact Accelerator made me realise I am able to dig deep and persevere even when the odds are stacked against me."

Caroline Syson, Founder of PocketPA



LET'S FACE IT. As impact-driven leaders and founders we all start out with the best intentions to change the world but somewhere along the way we quickly realise that it’s going to take a lot more than just passion to make it work.

If you really want to FIND YOUR VOICE, BUILD YOUR BRAND AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS you're going to have to fall in love with amplifying your message.

Over the course of 8 weeks, I will personally coach and mentor a group of like minded impact driven founders and business leaders with an important mission or message to share with the world.

We will meet online every Monday afternoon from 2pm to 3:30pm (London time) to learn about the mindset, strategies and tools required to find your voice, share your story and build an audience of raving fans who will pay you for your expertise. 

By the end of the programme you will be expected to take ownership of why your story matters, identify who your ideal audience is, craft a clear and compelling message and share it powerfully via a broadcasting channel of your choice; i.e. a podcast, a vlog, a blog or speaking on stage.

You will need to host your own live event to launch your product, service or mission in order to graduate.

If you have a mission and it's important to you, stop being the best kept secret.

Join a strong accountability group of like minded people on a similar path who will challenge you to act on what you know in your heart you must do: to put yourself out there in a big and authentic way so you can have a bigger impact.




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“I never thought in a million years that I could fall in love with public speaking!”

Aaron O’Sullivan, Founder of Systems, Culture & Impact

Spotlight on Aaron O’Sullivan, Founder of Systems, Culture & Impact

Back in 2018, Aaron was invited to speak in front of 1,500+ people in Orlando, Florida, which made him feel super anxious, “it was mad, this was only my second time giving a talk in public, ever!”

To give some context Aaron used to visibly shake when he had to speak in front of three people privately, “because I was so self-conscious and had a massive fear of public speaking.”

So Aaron reached out to me to get some help as he was keen to grow his impact and connect with his audience.

What happened next? Here’s what Aaron had to say in his own words:

“After working with Mark I went on using his frameworks, rehearsed like crazy and did exactly what he told me to do. I got up on stage in front of almost 2,000 people, and to my biggest surprised, I smashed it!

I had multiple rounds of applause throughout my talk which gave me bulletproof confidence. And I even had people coming up to me afterwards, telling me that I made them really emotional with my talk (and some almost cried!), which I never, ever, EVER envisioned happening.

In terms of business that came from that? I got 850 email leads in my eco-system and over $84,000 worth of business.

Trust me, it’s literally one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, but it was so much easier and comforting knowing that I had Mark in my corner.”

Want to experience the same transformation as Aaron and become my next case study? Then join the next cohort of The Impact Accelerator by applying today!




Each week, you will get access to a new teaching module with practical and actionable steps to follow, helping you make steady progress.


On top of the amazing content, you will get 8 weeks of hands on mentoring from Mark Leruste via a weekly live accountability group.



You automatically get access to our private Facebook group to share your ups and down and get support from your peers along the way.

"Mark brings so much clarity as to possibilities and next steps."

Greg Wootton, UK #1 ranked Muay Thai Champion


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If you're going to build a mission driven business and change the world in your own little way, you're going to need a solid foundation. In this module we will explore what impact means to you and dive into what kind of mission business or movement you want to create.


One of the biggest tragedies is that most people do not believe their stories matter. And yet your story is one of the most powerful and transformative tools you possess. In this module we'll explore Your Hero's Journey, to get you crystal clear on why your story matters.


In today's digital world it's easy to be afraid of standing out of the crowd for what we believe in. And yet, if you want to start a movement you're going to have to speak your truth. In this module we look at what you truly stand for and want to be known for.

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Your message has the ability to change someone’s life and sharing it has the ability to change yours. But only if you are willing to own your message and know how to get it into the hands of the people whose lives you have been called to change. In this module you will learn how to share your message in a powerful and authentic way. 


So you want to share your message and get paid for your expertise by getting your work in front of the people who need it and want it? In order to do so you're going to have to identify who you are called to serve and why. In this module we will explore the concept of niching and how to identify who your people really are. I.e. your Dream Tribe.


Now you know who you want to serve, and why, it’s time to think about what problem you want to help them solve. And more importantly, how you are going to deliver that seed for change. We call it your Impact Channel. It's the vehicle to scale your impact. In this module we'll identify the optimal broadcasting channel for you.

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If you want to amplify and monetise your message you're going to need an online hub to communicate with your Tribe. In this module we’ll explore options that best suit your needs to create a platform that helps you connect with, capture and engage your audience from day one. That’s right, you’re going to leverage the power of building a mailing list.


If you want to turn your message into a movement, you're going to have to step up and embrace the spotlight. And this starts with hosting your own live event to share "Your Big Picture". In this module you will create your 90 day game plan to keep moving forward and have the impact you dream of. This is where you turn your purpose into a real impact.


We will come together in central London for our live graduation ceremony where guests and friends are welcome to attend. It's been a highlight of the programme as you get to celebrate your achievements to date with your Tribe mates and share with everyone else how you intend to change the world and have a positive impact.


"YOU Don't need to be rich, powerful or famous to inspire! All you need is a bit of courage and A platform to be heard."

I get it, it's scary...


When you know people get bombarded with 3,500+ commercial messages each day, that 340 million tweets and 55 million Facebook updates are posted each day, that on average 60 million photos are shared every day on Instagram, that 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute on YouTube and that it takes less than 7 seconds for a potential customer to make up their mind about doing business with you or not, it becomes clear that standing out from the crowd and grabbing the attention of your customers is no easy task. 

Unless of course, you have a plan...

The problem is that not only do most people fail to deliver a compelling and clear message about what they do, why they do it and who they do it for, but most early stage entrepreneurs, founders, and business leaders are afraid of standing out from the crowd and putting themselves out there in a big way.

In fact, some people fear public speaking more than they fear being buried alive.

And this has to stop.

In 2012 I started my coaching business and since then I've worked with hundreds of clients from around the world who want to punch above their weight and start putting themselves and their message out in a big authentic way so they can have an impact doing what they love.

Some have gone off and launched their own podcast, YouTube channels, blogs, apps or even social enterprises! Some have even given TEDx talks and reached the top of the charts on iTunes. As a result, they have all been able to start sharing their gift with the world in a meaningful and impactful way.

In my experience, there are two things that get in the way of this process: 

First, the overwhelming amount of information available online often leads to the infamous state of "analysis paralysis" with questions such as:

Do I need a mailing list? Should I launch my own podcast / YouTube channel / blog? How do you talk about what you do? How do you build a web presence? Do I need a niche? What's content marketing? How do I leverage my online content to grow my business? How do I know if I'm focusing on the right thing? What if I want to work with everyone? How do I turn followers into loyal customers? Etc.

Secondly, the idea of having to go from the comfort of hiding behind our screens to stepping into the spotlight terrifies the crap out of a lot of us:

I feel scared, uncomfortable, I feel like a fraud, I don’t feel credible, I feel like I’m boasting, I feel out of integrity, I feel like I’m letting my ego do the talking, I don't feel ready, I hate the sound of my own voice, I don't feel comfortable talking to an audience, what if I bomb? No one will care about what I have to say, I just want to go and hide in a corner...

Feels familiar? You're not alone.

This is the deeper work that I love focusing on, as you can't have one without the other: you can't focus on the tools without simultaneously making sure you're also giving your mindset enough attention.  

And that's why this programme is unique.

The Unconventionalists’ Impact Accelerator© will teach you the tools you need to kickstart your online presence, find your voice and share your story in a powerful way. But this programme will also provide you with the guidance required to overcome some of your major fears and roadblocks as well as the obstacles that WILL show up along the way.

You will also be part of a new Tribe of like minded people who will challenge you and support you along the way, keeping you accountable, and who will feel like family by the end of the programme.

My wish is that by the end of this accelerator you will have started your own journey of sharing your message with the world and start seeing the results you so deeply crave. I'm not saying it's going to be easy. You will have to step out of your comfort zone. But I'm saying it will be worth it.

This isn't a quick fix scheme. By the end of this programme you won't be Gary Vaynerchuk, Richard Branson or Oprah... But you will be on your way to creating your own Tribe and be clearer, more confident and committed as to what you're trying to put out into the world, and why.

Question is, are you ready to step up and take on a new and exciting challenge?

This is an amazing time to get a message out there to motivate people, to show people that there’s something positive in not just being inspired but by inspiring others.”
— Joe Rogan, Podcast Host, Standup Comedian, UFC Commentator


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“Mark delivers an incredibly informative programme in which you can arrive clueless, and leave feeling ready to tackle the world.”



"The accelerator made me realise that my voice matters and that I can really make a difference if I stretch my social media muscles!"



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"The Impact Accelerator pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me the confidence I needed to speak up on topics I am truly passionate about.”




"I want you to get paid for the things you’re giving out to the world."


Founder of London by Londoners & Impact Accelerator© Grad J'17


How would you describe the IMPACT ACCELERATOR© in your own words?

A course designed to help you find your brand identity, craft your story, find your audience and start connecting to them!


What were you struggling with before joining The programme?

Not being confident enough to get the real me out there, I wasn't clear about what parts of me were relevant to my business or how to get them over to others. 


what happened to your confidence level and sense of Clarity as a result of joining the Tribe?

I got so much clearer on what I was doing and why - not just in terms of describing it to other people but also in terms of understanding it myself.

I really felt the accountability pushed me to explore and try things I really wouldn't have wanted to do otherwise and made me really committed to personal growth and doing things outside my comfort zone.

I have discovered I actually quite like live video... who would have thought it!



It made me rethink what I was doing and my values in a way that means I'll probably change aspects of my business - which is a great outcome.

I felt so much clearer in describing to others what I do and why - and used to getting content out there which was really from the heart without the huge levels of anxiety about it that I used to have about what other people would think after I hit publish.

I got amazing feedback from the stuff that I was posting which is really helping me to connect with supporters and grow my message. I also might have a collaboration as a result of the event I did for graduation.


What do you see as special or unique about the IMPACT accelerator©? 

Mark genuinely understands and knows what all of us are trying to do and personally connected with each of us as individuals. Because he cares so much it helps us feel supported - he wasn't setting us up for failure - and to trust the process more and therefore do things which seem pretty scary at the time.

I liked the level of engagement we had with each other's work. The accountability buddy system worked amazingly for me - I have a new friend and co-working colleague! 

The programme is also very well thought through in terms of how practical it is in relation to everyone's business and how it develops a step change in where we are with developing our message to where we end up.


What would you like to say to someone WHO'S thinking of joining the Impact Accelerator© BUT MIGHT BE HESITATING?

Just do it! I can't think of anyone better placed than Mark to help you grow and develop in a fun supportive way.


MARK LERUSTE is the Founder & Host of The Unconventionalists® and creator of The Impact Accelerator© with 110,000+ downloads on iTunes and 1.5 million views on YouTube.




"Making a difference in people’s lives is what will cultivate loyalty."


What's the investment for the Impact Accelerator©?
The tuition fee for the Impact Accelerator© will be announced when it reopens. But you can receive the early bird discount by joining the waiting list.

Is the fee likely to go up?
Yes, for every new cohort the fee goes up.

What are the course dates?

When do the classes take place and for how long?
TBD (but typically 60-90 minutes in duration)

Where do the classes take place?
We will meet online via Zoom each week until the live graduation in London, where you are welcome to attend in person to celebrate your growth and your completion of the accelerator.

When is the live graduation ceremony?

Can I bring friends along?
Yes, you will get access to tickets to the live graduation ceremony for your friends and family.

How many in a cohort?
We limit any given cohort to 15-20 people as we’ve found that’s about the right amount of people to make transformation happen.

Will there be a reading week?
No, we’ll be covering a new module each week for the duration of the programme. However, I do offer one-to-one coaching to support you during the programme for an additional fee. If you are interested in personally working with me just say so when you apply!

Do you have a payment plan if we can’t pay upfront?
Yes, there will be a payment plan option.

What's the goal of the Impact Accelerator©?
The goal is simple: to help you find your voice, share your story in a powerful way and clarify your message so you can build a business around your personal brand and establish yourself as an authority in your field. I'll personally mentor you through my 8-step signature formula to help you have an impact doing what you love and start building a tribe of raving fans.

Who is this course for?
People who tend to get the most out this course are typically founders, business leaders, small business owners or coaches who all want to amplify their impact to grow their business and make a difference, but are afraid to step into the spotlight and aren't sure where to start. If you’d like to become a professional speaker this is also a fantastic programme to get all your foundations right. Warning: You must be willing to step out of your comfort zone and try new things out.

What kind of results should I expect?
Previous graduates have used the skills learned through the Impact Accelerator© to land TEDx talks, deliver successful pitches, launch their own top iTunes podcast or YouTube channels, run their own events, get featured in national media and start connecting with their audience in a much more powerful way. But the biggest shift I've witnessed to date is the level of confidence, clarity and commitment to their bigger purpose that graduates experience as a result of joining the programme. 

Does it work?
Yes, it does. The Impact Accelerator© is based on seven years of experience working and coaching 200+ client and speaking to thousands of people like you, who know deep down they want to build a purpose-driven business based around a powerful message and live life on their own terms. You will also benefit from my four years of experience as Country Manager of the Movember Foundation, where I helped engage 110,000 fundraisers, raising €2.8 million for men's health and winning multiple awards along the way. As well as what I've learned from publishing 100+ episodes of my podcast The Unconventionalists, where I’ve interviewed world-class entrepreneurs, unconventional leaders, World-Record breakers, best-selling authors and disruptive influencers.

The accelerator combines practical business tools, leadership skills and deeper coaching principles. That's what makes it so special. But let it be said, it won't be a walk in the park. It's going to involve some heavy lifting on your behalf. Trust me, you will thank me for it come the end of the programme!

But I could do that on my own, right?
Sure. If you're one of those people who can be disciplined, committed, super-focused and you're crystal clear on what to do, I'm sure you can make it. Eventually that is. Because one thing I know is that if you go about it on your own, things will take 10x longer than if someone can show you a road map. But the truth is, the beauty of joining the Impact Accelerator© isn't just the content you'll learn, or the mentoring you'll get from me. It’s the community you'll join who will keep you accountable and champion you as you step out of your comfort zone to help you start seeing positive results. Because with community comes accountability, and with accountability comes results.

How much of a commitment is this course? In other words, how much work do I have to put in?
If you want to grow your business, build your brand and accelerate your impact, you're going to have to commit to the process. That being said, this is a part-time programme with a weekly live class. So on top of the class, 2-4 hours a week should get you through the programme. But obviously, the more you can commit, the better, as you will get out what you put in.

How many modules are there on the Impact Accelerator©?
There are 8 modules on the Impact Accelerator© and each module is followed by a short Q&A session to deepen the learning and trouble shoot any issues you've come up against.

What does each module include?
Each module covers that week's content with a challenge, enquiry or piece of homework to complete. To see the list of modules covered in the programme, please see the curriculum above.  

What if I’m unable to attend one of the classes?
Don't sweat it. It’s OK to miss a class if you have to as your classmate will help catch you up. But please note that if you miss more than two modules you will need to re-take the programme in order to graduate. 

Will there be an online community to interact on?
Yes, all successful applicants will be part of a private Facebook group, curated by myself during the programme. This creates a powerful community in which members hold each other accountable, share the ups and downs of the journey and who support each other along the way.

Will the Facebook group be active once the programme is finished?
Yes, but once the accelerator is complete, it will be your responsibility to keep it alive and kicking.

Do you also offer one-to-one coaching?
There is a premium option that allows you to get access to three hours of one-to-one support with me to help you make the most of the programme. Those sessions are scheduled for right before, during and just after the programme ends. Please let me know if you’d like to find out more about the premium option. 

And if I don’t like it?
If you attend each module, do all the homework and still aren't satisfied, there is a 14-day money back guarantee. But I'm confident you won't need it.


"A clear purpose and niche are crucial in order to cut through the noise and make an impact."