Learn How to Plan, Launch and Grow a Successful Podcast.

 "Excellent! Super practical, easy to follow and encouraging. Thank you!"

- Stephanie Irwin, Host of Fashion Originators Podcast -


About This Bootcamp

Ever thought about launching your own podcast?

But not sure where to start?

Podcasting is one of the most effective ways to build an audience online and grow your business, and according to Edison Research, it is the fastest growing media channel.

Podcasting is also an excellent excuse to connect with some of the world’s most interesting people. How else would you get the chance to have in depth conversations with best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, TV personalities, athletes or adventurers?

But the process for getting started can feel daunting.

What equipment and software should you use? How do you land interviews with big name guests? How do you get your show loaded into iTunes? And even after your show goes live, how do you promote it so that people actually listen to it?

Luckily, this one-day intensive course led by one of London’s leading podcast hosts, will cover the simple steps to properly planning, launching and growing a successful podcast from scratch.

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"If you're in London, don't miss this up coming 'crash course in Podcasting' by my friend Mark."

- Chris Guillebeau, NYT Best-Selling Author and Host of Side Hustle School Podcast -

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Friday 20th September, 2019


(Central London, UK)


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"Highlight of my day so far has to be experiencing my first podcast coaching session with Mark. Such a concise session with lots of quality advice, thanks brother!"

Tony Riddle

The Natural Life-Stylist

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"I cannot even begin to tell you what an AMAZING day I've had on Mark's Podcasting Bootcamp. Get your hands on this man's wisdom and genius any way you can."

Stephanie Burton

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"Mark delivers an incredibly informative programme in which you can arrive clueless, and leave feeling ready to tackle the world.”

Jamie Day

Host of “Man Talk” podcast

You'll learn how to:

  • Choose the best recording equipment, editing software and hosting platform for your budget

  • Land interviews with thought leaders, bestselling authors, and influencers in your field

  • Prepare so that you have captivating and memorable conversations with guests

  • Edit your interviews to produce high quality and professional sounding audio

  • Develop an effective launch strategy

  • Crack the itunes algorithm to improve your ranking and get more downloads and subscribers

Additionally, you’ll get insider knowledge on creative, field-tested marketing strategies for growing your podcast, so that once you’re live, you can start to build an audience of raving fans.

By attending, you’ll save yourself months of trial, error, and frustration, and you’ll leave with a clear strategy for publishing your first three episodes.


Who is it for?

You might be an entrepreneur, speaker, coach or marketing professional interested in podcasting to grow your business, or you might simply want to share your message with the world.

WARNING: Although you do not need any technical expertise or previous experience in podcasting to attend, guests are expected to actually take action on this course.

During this one-day Bootcamp you’ll be assigned an accountability partner with a fellow attendee who will provide support, keep you on track and ensure you follow through on your first three episodes.

Please do not attend if you are not willing to commit to this.


Does it work?

If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and take action, absolutely! In fact, previous graduates have gone off to start their own successful podcasts (e.g. Time 4 a Pint, Dad Like Me, Thought Starters, How Did I Get Here?, Fashion Originators, etc.).

Some graduates have even gone on to become iTunes top podcasts such as Man Talk and Always Free (see below).

Jason Greyston, Host of“Always Free” podcast


This full-day bootcamp was created as a direct result of working with 300+ budding podcasters over the last three years, who clearly expressed the need for a full-day immersive experience on how to launch a successful podcast from scratch: 

"I literally came as a beginner, I now feel so motivated and inspired. Thanks Mark!" - Arzu Ozel

"Super interesting overview and very actionable advice! Huge thanks!" - Johnny Miller

"This seminar was so helpful and such a confidence booster. Thank you!" - Lottie Clarke

"Absolutely brilliant. I highly recommend Mark's Podcasting Bootcamp for anyone who wishes to start, build, grow, develop and understand the world of podcasting!" - Amrish Shah

About the Instructor

As the Founder of the Ministry of Purpose® and the host of The Unconventionalists® podcast, Mark Leruste is on a mission to eradicate career misery in the workplace by empowering leaders and founders to build purpose-driven organisations and positive work cultures for people to bring their full selves to work.

Mark previously served as Country Manager at the Movember Foundation, where he helped raise €2.8 million for men’s health and inspired 110,000 fundraisers to sign up, winning multiple awards along the way. Since then, his videos have been viewed over 1.5 million times on social media and his popular TEDx talk is available to watch online at www.markleruste.com.

The Unconventionalists® podcast is a weekly show about the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey, with over 100,000 downloads across 100 countries, featuring guests such as Chris Guillebeau, Noah Kagan, Sarah Knight, Paul Jarvis, JP Sears or the founders of TheMinimalists.com. You can binge to The Unconventionalists® for free on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.


Programme for the Day

  • Module I – Plan: In this module we will create the foundation of your podcast to give you the best chance to succeed. I.e. clarifying your WHAT, WHO and WHY.

  • Module 2 – Record: In this module we will cover a selection of practical gear and software that you need to get started to record, no matter your budget.

  • Module 3 – Edit: In this module we will demystify one of the scariest aspects of launching a podcast by doing a live demo of editing an episode.

  • Module 4 – Launch: In this module we will dive into one of the most overlooked aspect of starting a podcast; creating an effective launch strategy.

  • Module 5 - Distribute: In this module we will explore unconventional marketing tactics to help you grow your reach and build an audience of raving fans.

  • Q&A session: This is a great opportunity for you to ask one of London’s leading podcast host any questions you may have.


Prerequisites & Preparation

  • This workshop is for beginners who have not yet launched their podcast

  • You do not need to have any technical expertise or previous experience as a podcaster to join this crash course

  • Feel free to bring a laptop, and note-taking materials, as neither will be provided on the day

  • A general plan for your show already in mind (e.g. What topic would you like to cover? Do you want to host the show on your own? With a co-host? Do you want to have guests? etc.). It does not need to be definitive, but it will help to have a rough idea of what you would like your show to be about

  • Subscribe to The Unconventionalists podcast and listen to episode #55:

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Friday 20th September, 2019


(Central London, UK)


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