In all their glory…


Mark Leruste | Founder & Chief purpose officer

Mark is the original Unconventionalist. His humour, quick wit, and caring manner position him to expertly and humbly lead Team Unconventionalists. Click here for his full story.

Fun Fact:
No one has seen Mark’s chin since late 2015 - if you find it please contact us at info [at] theunconventionalists [dot] com.


Riley Mcghee | King of operations

Riley came aboard in 2018 and has since earned his unique yet telling title. A full fledged people person with a dash of detail-oriented, no stones get left unturned.

Fun Fact:
Riley strives to hike/climb the highest peak in every state (USA). Last we checked he’s got 10/50.


Em Romano | Graphic Designer

An artist and designer, Em is a travel aficionado at heart. Passion, adventure, and her kindred spirit shines through in all her design and brand work.

Fun Fact:
Since early 2019, Em is officially a nomad, living and working out of a 1973 Airstream. We’re not sure where she is most days, but neither is she.

Andrew Miller.png

Andrew Miller | Videographer

In typical Unconventionalists style, Andrew quit his corporate job to pursue a career in freelance videography. He is responsible for much of the video and media work at The Unconventionalists HQ.

Fun Fact:
Andrew holds the title of “fastest swimmer ever” for his high school, as his record for the 50m freestyle still stands today.


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