#115 How to do your best work with Aaron Dignan

Let's face it, the way we work is broken. Frederick Taylor and his concept of scientific management was invented over 100 years ago on a factory floor for a world that no longer exists.

And yet the vast majority of organisations around the world are still obsessed with the idea of maximising efficiency and minimising productivity friction, at all costs.

The crazy thing is that despite the ever growing number of tools and technology available to us - that all promised to make us "better" at our jobs - we still seem to be overwhelmed and struggling.

The good news is that we can change that reality. We can learn how to do our best work.

In this week's episode I sit down with organisational whisperer Aaron Dignan, founder of The Ready and author of the brand new book "Brave New Work" (Penguin) to talk about how now more than ever we need more autonomy, trust, and transparency, not bureaucracy, to do our best possible work.

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