#118 How to pitch to win with David Beckett

If all you had were three minutes to share your idea with the world, would you be confident in your ability to pitch to win? Whether you’re a solopreneur, startup founder or business leader, if you can’t pitch, you can’t survive.

That’s why when it comes down to learning how to harness the power of pitching your business in a compelling way to potential customers and investors, I couldn’t think of a better guest to bring on the show than David Beckett, Lead Pitch Coach at Best3minutes.com, Co-Founder of Pitchy and Author of “Pitch to Win”.

Since leaving his corporate career as Country Director at Canon, David has coached over 750 Startups to win over €195 million investment, and has trained 11,000+ professionals in companies such as Google, PwC and Booking.com to make winning pitches.

David has spoken at conferences around the world, including Korea, Taiwan, USA, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Slovenia, UAE, Netherlands, UK and Czech Republic.

But more than that, David is passionate about giving your ideas a voice.

As you’ll hear in today’s powerful conversation, over the years he’s worked SUPER HARD to turn his passion for teaching others how to better pitch their ideas into a business, by spending hundreds of hours of doing work for free, mastering his craft.

In our interview we talked about how despite having a mortgage to pay and a young family on the way, it didn’t stop David in 2013 to pitch himself to the founders of the infamous accelerator Startupbootcamp in Amsterdam to become their go-to pitching coach.

That’s when he set about learning what a Startup pitch was all about while coaching teams towards the D-Day of all startup accelerators: Demo Day.

Eventually, he worked with the Startup teams and analysed numerous successful pitches. That’s when David found there were certain recurring elements in the process of developing the pitch storyline, and created The Pitch Canvas©.

More recently, David put down on paper everything he’s learned over the last four years of coaching hundreds and thousands of people

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PS: After hearing what we’re up to, David was so inspired by the work we’re doing here at The Unconventionalists that he kindly offered to donate a limited number of free access tickets to his Pitching Masterclass to the first 15 successful applicants of The Impact Accelerator. Apply today to claim this free bonus and turn your message into a movement!