#26 How to stop being the best kept secret

I've been a closet entrepreneur since 2009. Juggling a full time job with a side business is the only thing I've known for the last six years. From launching Mister-Tailor, an online tailoring suit company for men, to running my own coaching business or starting a drink startup. It's safe to say that I've spent many nights, early morning and weekends working on "my little secret". In hopes that it would become my full time gig.

And here's the thing, there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of part-time entrepreneurs around the world who operate underneath the radar. And one thing I've come to realise lately is that hiding isn't helping anyone. I mean, how is the world meant to know you're up to big things if you don't let the world know?

It's taken me four years to publicly say the following words "I'm a life coach". And yet I know I'm a great coach. So why are we so good at playing small and keeping ourself away from the spotlight?

In today's episode I share with you what happened when I published my "entrepreneurial coming out" video on Facebook and YouTube, and what you can learn from it too.