#28 How to turn an idea into a charity with Richard Bennett

One day in 2011, Richard Bennett (a former school teacher) decided to drive through Africa to coach rugby. Five years later, Bhubesi Pride Foundation (www.rugbyinafrica.org) operates in nine countries across Africa and are empowering communities through the power of rugby.

"Bhubesi Pride Foundation assembles teams of committed volunteers to carry out annual rugby coaching expeditions, using the sport as a tool for education and development in Africa."

What I love about today's interview is that it's a beautiful reminded that all journeys start with one single step. In fact, Richard dealt with the same fears around uncertainties as you and I both have.

Hear the story of how Richard went from being a teacher with an idea to becoming the CEO of a foundation changing the world.

In our exclusive interview we talked about:

• How to start your own foundation
• How to grow your team from scratch
• How to overcome cultural challenges when working across borders
• How to raise funds as a charity
• Why keeping a healthy balance in your life is the most important thing you can do
• Why you have to be really clear when explaining what you’re trying to achieve
• And what red pants and Richard have to do with each other

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