#36 How to live life as an adventure with Rina Atienza

It's happened to all of us; you come up with a big crazy idea, be it start a business, change career or, move to another country, say 10,000kms away...

But before you know it, everyone's telling you it's a stupid idea, that it won't work, and that you're better off settling for what you know, rather than adventuring off into the abyss of the unknown.

Enter stage left: Rina Atienza.

Rina attended the very first Tribe of The Unconventionalists Retreat back in 2015, and set off with a clear Quest: to start writing again and launch her blog: Evilschemes Ltd. But what she wasn't expecting was that her Quest would lead her to a life changing moment: relocating to the Philippines.

In today's episode we dive into the story that led Rina to leave London for her native island and what she learned in the process. From overcoming saboteurs to embracing life as an adventure. 

Learn how you can set off on your adventure too!

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