#65 Startup confessions #2

Do you ever feel like a loser? Like you're the only one struggling and everyone else seems to have all their sh*t together? I sure know I do sometimes.

In today's episode I share with you why I believe it's time for us to stop buying into this bull stupid idea that becoming an entrepreneur is the ultimate gateway to happiness. It's not.

In fact, it really sucks sometimes. It's by far one of the hardest things I've even done.

So why are we constantly bombarded with messages saying how amazing and wonderful it is to be your own boss and to do your own thing? From videos of people selling us their six step course from a beach in Bali sipping cocktails to social media posts of perfect breakfasts, it's time for a well needed change and start speaking the truth about what it's really like to turn your passion into a business.

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