#67 How to live life your way with Nerea Carryon

Imagine if one day you woke and realised that actually what you're doing, is not who you really are?

Would you keep going? Or would you grab life by the coconuts and accept the call to adventure and start all over again?

Meet Nerea Carryon, the founder and CEO of The Happy World Company, who's as wild as she is generous and who a few years ago decided to quit her job and start her own business.

In today's episode Nerea shares her amazing story of how she went from being stuck working in finance to becoming a full time entrepreneur making people smile for a living.

In today’s episode you will learn:

  • The weirdest reaction Nerea had to smiling at someone!

  • Why more people aren't smiling

  • The hardest thing about quitting your job and going off on your own

  • The biggest mistake Nerea’s made since starting her business

  • Something Nerea has never shared before!

  • Nerea’s advice for women wanting to build a brand

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What do you think?

I love how honest Nerea is about the the tough side to running your own business but I was blown away by how much she opened up to me about her personal relationships and the impact this can have on us. What was your favourite takeaway from today’s episode? Let me know in the comments below.


Don’t have time to listen? Stand Out Snippets


On giving talks in the middle of the tube!

“I think we have constant ideas in our head that we just don’t do because it’s not socially expected or accepted. So since I started to live my life in my way, I thought why not!” [8:02]


On being more human

“A simple smile can change someone’s life.” [10:04]

“Life is quite tough. I completely understand why people don’t smile that much… The challenge is when you make an effort to feel alright when things go wrong. The hard part is to deal with problems with a smile.” [12:56]

“I believe in humanity and I believe in being more human, trusting each other more and opening up more” [16.06]


On how to find your purpose

“How you approach tings makes a difference. Sometimes we wait to find something we like to be passionate about it but what if we approach that situation with passion? What if things change?” [25:30]

“If you’re fully honest with yourself, you know what you have to do.” [26:47]

“Let’s stop following what we are supposed to follow. Let's stop assuming or going the way we are supposed to go and let’s focus all our energy on what we’re about.” [41.30]


On struggling to charge for your services

“It is uncomfortable to charge for anything. I mean my first time I charged £100 I remember and I was like - £100 this is a lot of money, oh my god oh my god. But I always said I will give you your money back if you’re not happy.” [28:14]

“When it’s about your passion or selling your passion. If I was honest, I would pay to do it. When I get money for it, I’m like this is a joke! I would do it for free!” [29:32]

“If you’ve never made money, you have to start with making £5 or £10 because you have to change your belief system.” [30:26]

“When you focus on what you love, sometimes you forget about making money… Sometimes you have these beliefs that money is not good for you… I think this is something that is quite common.” [33:46]

“Telling myself every day that I can, that I will (make money has helped).” [34:32 ]


On what being unconventional means to Nerea

“Something that is not expected or not common.” [53:00]





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