#95 How to fight for your life with Jonny Benjamin

In January 2008, 20-year-old Jonny Benjamin stood on a bridge in central London ready to take his own life. A passing stranger stopped and talked to Jonny, saving his life. 

Six years later Jonny launched the #FindMike campaign to try to find that stranger on the bridge so he could finally thank him. What happened next surprised the world...

In our intimate and exclusive conversation, we talked about:

- What every family dealing with suicide needs to know
- Why men find it so hard to open up and talk about their feelings
- Why men represent 3/4 of all global suicides
- Why suicide is still such a taboo today and what you can do to help overcome that
- A message of hope to everyone suffering from mental health issues and depression

Jonny's message is an important message and one I hope you'll appreciate and share with those around you!


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