Build a champion’s mindset with CK Flash

In today’s episode of The Unconventionalists, you will hear the story of Michael Pusey (MBE), better known as CK Flash who, over the last 13 years has managed to turn Peckham, London, into the birthplace of British BMX champions and get the neighbourhood back in the news, for all the right reasons.

He recently received an MBE from Buckingham palace for all his work helping keep kids off the streets. In fact, in these Summer Olympic Games in Rio, two of his riders will be competing for Great Britain. Which is a great achievement, considering someone once said that Peckham having a BMX Club was like Jamaica getting a bobsleigh team.

In this episode you will learn:

– Why success doesn’t depend on your resources, but rather on your resourcefulness
– Whether champions are born or made
– Why anything is possible if you set your mind to it
– How Peckham BMX went from being a small dirt track to a British institution