The Wellness Revolution

The Wellness Revolution is a short film to kick start my journey to take control of my emotional and physical wellbeing. By doing so, I hope to inspire you to take the first step(s) towards your healthy journey too. 

This isn't my first rodeo. In fact, I've been on this journey before. When I was 19 years old, I weighed 58kgs (for 182cm). By the time I was 24 years old and had spent a couple of years working in the corporate sector, I blew up to 82kgs. In 2011, thanks to MMA, I managed to transform my lifestyle around and dropped back down to 73kgs. But that didn't stick...

A knee injury and a bad back (and truck load of excuses) have meant that I've been yo-yoing with my weight and body composition for the past 4 years. But more importantly, I've been feeling really down as a result of my lack of healthy boundaries.

Although I consider myself to be relatively knowledgable when it comes down to health & fitness and nutrition, it's become clear to me that I have been totally neglecting my wellbeing for far too long. And that knowing isn't good enough. You need to apply what you know and you need to do that consistently. Day in, day out. Not just post Christmas. 

Lately, I've been eating pizzas, burgers and I seriously crave sugary snacks: cookies, crisps, chocolate, you name it. The cost of living this way? Well, it's had a serious impact on my mood swing, and my overall happiness.

So today, March 10th 2016, I've decided to put an end to feeling sorry for myself, and I've committed to regain control of my body and as such, of my life. 

Quality sleep, adequate hydration, meditation + journaling, moving my body, stretching, cooking + eating wholesome foods and remembering to breath, are all the things I wish to practice on a daily basis.

Today I weigh 75.7kgs and have 17.4% body fat. But beyond the numbers and data, it's my relationship to myself that matters most. 

Because the wellness revolution starts with self acceptance. Not the number on the scale or the amount of protein shakes you down. But rather, it starts with how you speak to yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror, no matter what shape or size you find yourself to be in.

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