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Have you ever had a meeting that took your breath away? Leaving you energised, refreshed and wanting more? Perhaps not. But imagine that feeling and that’s what you’ll have with Mark’s powerful workshops - personal, engaging and transformational. For a half-day, full-day or two-day bootcamp, Mark gets on your level and steps on the gas. All you’ll need is to hang on for the ride and enjoy your transformation.


Change that lasts

Nobody cares about dull, bland or boring. But bringing fun and excitement to the workplace is just the start. Companies tend to ask to have Mark back because his work makes such an impact for so many employees. If you understand that people are the lifeblood of your organisation then get in touch today to schedule your very own workshop.


What will we cover?

There are a handful of topics that Mark commonly offers to teams and organisations:

  • How to find meaning and purpose at work

  • How to unleash your inner leader

  • Creating a caring culture at work

  • Boost your team with coaching skills

If you don’t see a topic that tickles your fancy, have a look at his Custom Programmes.

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