#1 Why you shouldn't be be too quick to quit with Ed Hewitt

I caught up with environmentalist, entrepreneur and adventurer Ed Hewitt, who in 2013 decided to quit his corporate job to set off on an adventure to travel from Bangkok to Birmingham by foot, along the Silk Road.

This trip saw him travel 13,000 miles (or 20,900 kilometres), through 15 different countries, using 49 different forms of transport and took 228 days to complete. And in case you're wondering, I asked him how much his adventure cost him. I think you'll be surprised...

From hitchhiking with the Laos army to partying with pandas, and finishing on the pitch at Wolverhampton in front of 20,000 fellow Wolves fans, it's safe to say that Ed learned a few things along the way.

Oh, and Ed also happened to meet Michael Palin as a result. Find out how by listening to the very first episode of the-yet-to-be-named podcast.