#103 How to live a fully expressed life with Bella Zanesco

If you've ever experienced a burnout at work, felt like you didn't belong or knew it was time for you to pack your bags and hit the road, you're going to love today's episode.

That's right, I sat down with Bella Zanesco who in 2014 decided to pack her bags and leave her native Australia to engage in a career transition experiment and call London home for a little while, in hopes to find her tribe.

But despite the change of scenery and the new found inspiration, Bella very quickly realised that she had more work to do back home...

After all, she came from a corporate background with a multiple six figure salary, generating millions of dollars for the FMCG market, and yet, despite all this, was bullied at work, went through depression and experienced a massive burnout.

The information and community she failed to find in her time of need led her to investigate the importance of health as well as start her very own business to support woman in a similar situation as her.

Over three years she interviewed 4,500 executives across 80 countries to better understand the landscape of this global phenomenon, and what she found blew her away.

"7 in 10 don’t want to go to work on Monday morning and 8 in 10 had no idea what they were on this planet for. It’s a big problem to solve."

So much so that she wrote a book, "Smart Girls Screw Up Too: The no-nonsense guide to creating the life you want" (Wiley) and in today's episode we talk about her journey of going from burned out to inspiring woman around the world to live a fully expressed life.

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