#125 How to live out loud (as an introvert) with Rona Steinbeirg

In this week's episode of The Unconventionalists podcast I sit down with Rona Steinberg, author of the new book "Live Out Loud: A Masterclass in Being Yourself" to talk about the gifts of owning fully who you are, no matter how loud or quiet you may be.

In a world that is constantly making us feel that we're either too much, or not enough, that we must stay silent, be as beige as possible and behave, this week's conversation is a refreshing reminder of why being you, no matter who you are, is the best formula to living a fulfilling life.

Filled with stories and lessons from her unconventional career path (she ditched a career in law to become a coach!), Rona breaks down some of the reasons why we find it so hard to be ourselves, even though we're dying to let go of the masks we carry around, and explains what we can do to live a life according to our own terms. Rona is a certified life coach and public-speaking trainer, helping others to express themselves in a way that feels right to them. Whilst she has now found her true purpose in life, her journey has not been without its struggles and challenges. Through a series of different career choices, including success as a film and TV lawyer, she eventually found her way to the world of coaching.

As you'll hear in our interview, far removed from the cool, intellectual space of the law, coaching initially seemed like a foreign land, with its emphasis on feelings and emotions, heart and intuition. Yet despite the noisy objections in her head, Rona's heart told her something different.

On a truly fundamental level she felt that she had finally come home. She began to feel more herself, more self-expressed, more joyfully Out Loud.

I hope you enjoy this powerful conversation!

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