#126 Why changing how you breathe will change your life with Artur Paulins

In this week's episode of The Unconventionalists I sit down with Artur Paulins, one of the first certified Wim Hof instructors in the world who toured around Europe with Wim Hof and recently introduced 800 people to meditation at The Roundhouse in London.

He's been featured in Men’s Health magazine and appeared on The Russell Howard Hour TV series and Lululemon brought him on as a partner to spread awareness around how breathing can improve your performance as an athlete.

What I loved about our conversation is that Artur ditched a promising career in architecture for a life of adventure and experience as a personal trainer, breathwork teacher and martial artist.

We talked about his journey to leaving his native Latvia to pursue his passion to become a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

We also talked about what he thought of Wim Hof the first time he met him over dinner and why we can all do a little bit better when it comes down to breathing more efficiently.

You'll also get an insight into why cold therapy goes far beyond just the concept of being cold, but rather, how it's about changing your mindset, which will ultimately change your life.

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