#130 How to create a life you love with Charlotte Pearce

Today is International Podcast Day™ and I couldn't be happier to finish off season 13 of The Unconventionalists podcast on this special day by sharing this powerful conversation with Charlotte Pearce, Founder and CEO of Inkpact.

Why? Because a common mistake most aspiring and newbie entrepreneurs make all the time is wasting time spending a ton of money building expensive, complicated and time consuming tech (websites, apps, algorithms, etc) to prove and validate their business idea.

As if the only way to make a business idea work was to make it big from the get go, when in reality, the opposite is true.

As you’ll hear in today’s inspiring episode, if you want to prove and validate a business idea and grow it over time you do it by doing the unscalable first.

Only then do you leverage technology to grow and expand your impact.

This is one the conversations I hope my daughter will hear one day when she grows up. Because as you’ll quickly learn from listening to Charlotte Pearce, she is all kinds of amazing and inspiring.

In this week’s episode she shares her story of how she took a great idea that involved a lot of manual labour and managed to scale it through smart technology, enabling people around the world to create a life they love.

Charlotte also doesn’t hold back from talking about the ups and downs of starting and growing a business you love. Including the awkward and painful process of firing people.

Plug in your headphones, and get ready to be inspired to action!

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Can’t wait to read your words!

To your impact,