#23 How to turn your vision into a plan with Danielle Anderson

Getting to the top of your career ladder only to find out that you're on the wrong freakin' wall totally sucks. I know, because I've been there. And when you finally decide to make the jump and start your own business, well, things aren't quite as easy you as you had imagined. Also been there.

The good news is that I caught up with with former financial services executive turned startup coach & Founder of Step and Stone, Danielle Anderson, who ditched her corporate job overnight and has spent the last three years building her business.

Today Danielle works with startups and social entrepreneurs around the world to help them get super clear on what problem they're solving, for who, and how to get it out into the world in a big way.

In our interview we talked about:

• How Danielle quit her corporate job with zero plan and what happened next
• Danielle’s life changing experience volunteering in Zimbabwe
• How to know if you’re climbing the right career ladder
• How to re-asses your priorities
• What passionate people need to know about RUNNING business
• Why you’re wasting a ton of time and money ON
• Why asking your friends and mum what they think about your business is not a good idea