#30 Why healing is a marathon not a sprint with Szos St. Germain

Sos St.Germain's mum was a devout Tibetan Buddhist and his father was The Beatles’ astrologer. So mindfulness, compassion, and profound awareness have always been the main currencies of Sos's communication.

We talked about an aspect that so many entrepreneurs are afraid to talk about out loud: depression. Along with:

• How to overcome emotional pain
• How to be with depression
• How to have a deeper impact with your words
• How to allow our loved ones to hear how we really feel
• How to parent consciously
• How to ask for help
• And why connection is one of the most important aspects of your journey

Enjoy this deep, rich and thoughtful conversation with a man who is an open book.

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Szos's website: www.szosstgermain.com
Interview with Jonny Benjamin: youtu.be/TZyA2xkB0Q0
Interview with Shea Emry: https://theunconventionalists.com/episode/6