#31 How to know if your business idea is good

What if I told you, you could take your business idea and test it out right now? That you don't need money, time or technical know-how to see if it's a good idea or not? Too good to be true? Well, listen to today's episode where I share with you how I just validated an idea without spending a single penny. 

You see, when it comes down to entrepreneurial, creative, buzzing, change-the-world kinda people, ideas usually isn't the thing missing in the equation. In fact, having too many ideas can sometimes feel like a bit of a burden. How do you know if your business idea is good or not? How to know which one to pick and run with? As a result it can paralyse us and make us feel like we might as well sit tight, hang out on the bench and watch the other cool kids get on with it.

Well, not on my watch!

Learn three of my favourite tips to instantly validate your business idea and put an end analysis paralysis! 


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