#41 Why most diets fail with Bridget Hunt

Bridget Hunt is a former dancer turned nutritionist, author of the Six Pack Chick, and Director of an ice cream and chocolate company. She loves fitness, hates sitting still, and has been described as the female version of Tim Ferris. Although in my opinion, it's Time Ferris who's the male version of Bridget Hunt!

One thing you can be sure of is that Bridget is NEVER boring. 

As a fellow self-experimental human guinea-pig, Bridget not only brings a refreshing and genuine conversation to the table, but is also constantly challenging the fitness industry with its bold claims and diet fads and is always on the look out for new pioneering ways to make us feel better about ourselves.

Listen to why Bridget won’t be writing another diet book, why Bridget is often mistaken for an extravert, why we are all an experiment of one and why diets simply never work. 

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