#44 How to stand up for what you believe in with Tomas Svitorka

Tomas Svitorka is a London-based Life Coach who believes that most people aren’t clear about who they really are and what they actually stand for, and who also believes that most of us care way too much about what other people think of us.

Why? Because up until recently he was the same.

What I find interesting about his journey is that up until his early twenties Tomas lived in a small village with a population of barely 800 people, among the hills in a corner of the Czech Republic.

He came to the UK in 2005 with his big dreams and broken English. He moved up from being an au-pair, to a cleaner, then a waiter, to eventually holding managerial positions in catering. Then he reached the dangerous level of comfortable mediocrity, and he got stuck there.

Until he decided that OK is not enough and did something about it. Today Tomas’s mission is to help others who’ve had the same realisation to create the life they daydream about.

In today’s episode you’ll hear about Tomas’s journey on how he became a coach and how he’s been building his business over the last few years. You’ll also learn why Tomas never drinks tap water. And why you probably shouldn’t do too…



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