#48 A champion's take on masculinity with Greg Wootton

Greg "The Prodigy" Wootton, is the UK number one ranked super lightweight Muay Thai fighter, WMC MAD World Champion and has won 31 of his 35 fights. (That's a 90% accuracy in the ring btw.)

While training to become a world champion, Greg received a first-class honour degree in Sport and Exercise Science after having studied psychology in college. He's lived and competed internationally including Thailand. In the words of Vice Sport: "Wootton is not your average London lad.”

But today's biggest fight for Greg isn't in the ring. But rather outside of it. For he is taking on an epic challenge: debunking masculinity. 

That's right, the extraordinary gift Greg Wootton brings to this episode is his ability to open up about so many realities that so many men face on a daily basis and yet are afraid to admit: body image issues, eating disorder, bottling up emotions, crisis of identity as a man, etc. 

This is by far one of the most compelling episodes we've recorded so far. I strongly urge you to share it with your friends and with those around you who need to hear Greg's message.

Thank you!


  • Greg Wootton's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GregWoottonMT/

  • Greg Woottons' Twitter: https://twitter.com/woottongreg

  • Greg’s interview on Consented.co.uk: http://www.consented.co.uk/listen/greg-wootton-masculinity-body-image-and-eating-disorders/

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