#76 How to speak your truth with the founders of Somebody Inside

Imagine being in charge of a team of 10,000 people and working for one of the world's largest media & telecommunication companies. And one day you wake up and realise there's more to life than working for a huge corporate.

So you start all over again and decide to start a business with one of your best friends to change the way women see themselves.

Welcome to the inspiring story of how Danielle Macleod and Nic Conway, came together to launch Somebody Inside, a truly revolutionary way for women to connect online and learn how to speak their truth.


  • How to integrate meditation into your daily life

  • How to forgive and recommit to yourself

  • Some tips to managing bad eating habits

  • How you can ask for what you want

  • What is it you are pretending not to know in this moment

  • How the world might look if every woman stepped into her truth.

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  • How was it to transition away from stability to starting something new? [4.57]

  • Why do you think people you’ve come across tend to stick to situations that they know deep down aren’t right? [7:47]

  • How do you stick to a mediation practice? [13:52]

  • What would you want to say to someone who craves bad food under stress? [22:58]

  • Why is it so hard for people to shine light on their strengths, rather than their weaknesses? [33:25]

  • How is not expressing what you want getting in the way of you living your full life? [36:55]

  • How do you juggle the balance between I’m here to grow and who I am right now is enough? [42:29 ]

  • How can people get involved in Somebody Inside? [44:55]




On starting a business:

Danielle: “I had this stirring inside me that said you have to go out and start something and have more impact.” [5:40]

Nic: “I didn’t actually find it scary - I’d learned to meditate and what started to come to me more and more was: this is not my truth… It was like I was trying to put my foot inside a shoe and the shoe was getting smaller. The painful bit was staying with the life that I had. Leaving that life wasn’t scary.” [6:22]

Danielle: “Sky got too small.. It wasn't’ actually let me go and do less, it was let me do more. I wanted to have more impact in the world and I didn’t want that impact restricted in any way by the confines of a corporate organisation.” [38:39]


On how Somebody Inside helps people find their truth:

Nic: “A lot of people are sleepwalking through their own lives… They do things to distract themselves from their own life… They get a bigger car, a bigger house… Ideally what you want to do is build a life you don’t need to retreat from. [7:53]

Danielle: “Sometimes we might be the only people who love somebody enough to show them their truth… My experience is the fear is always in the anticipation, it’s not in the moment… Right in this exact moment what is going on that’s scary?” [9:34]


On how to integrate meditation into your daily life:

Nic: “By consciously choosing to be in this moment, everything becomes easy…. So many people are constantly in what about, what about, what about… But if you get them to stop and breathe, the relief is tremendous.” [12:37]

Danielle: “Finally accepting that I needed to use it as a daily practice rather than a recovery practice… I started to realise that I could take time in the morning and make it really really precious and now I have this morning ritual that is just the most glorious practice.” [14.37]

Nic: “I’m ruthless with my morning and I get up super early…. I love the experience of being awake before the world starts to wake up. When you’re meditating, if you are watching the thoughts, what you might be able to spot is a thought that says: ‘oh this is so comfy’ or ‘I’m really sleepy’ and what you can play with is your alertness around that… If you’re meditating in bed, get up, have a cold drink then go back to meditate in bed.” [16:02]

Nic: If you can decide I’m wholly going to commit to this for 7 days, 14 days, the quality of what you’ll get back for those 20 minutes is massively different… The gamechanger was deciding whether I wanted to do it or not.” [18:20]


On how we can better manage our bad eating habits:

Danielle: “How clever is the body? You’re under enormous stress and the body knows that the swiftest way to relaxation is to get you into digestion - it’s a learned behaviour to get you to food - you’re overusing it and it’s not helping you anymore. Go back to the point that you’re born - you are taught from birth that you find comfort in food. What we want to get you to is a place of: I am going to have this food and I am going to enjoy it. I want you to commit to me that you’re not going to eat from the fridge anymore, or from packets anymore.” [23:15]

Nic: “Recognise that your thoughts aren’t the truth - your thoughts are just noises in your head... and start to create a different relationship to that… They use food to distract them from that. One of the things we do is encourage them (clients) to get to a place where there far more conscious of the noises in their head.” [26:16]

Danielle: “I cannot allow myself to indulge in destructive thoughts anymore… As soon as I catch it, I ask myself what I am doing there” [32:45]


On why it’s so hard for us to ask for what we want

Danielle: “I think in this culture we are trained to be accommodating, we are trained to be nice...What we’ve noticed is we have started to adopt the practice of checking in and asking: what is it that I want?” [35:42]


On what Nic and Danielle would like to say to help boost your courage

Nic: “Can you remember when you were really small and you knew you had come here to do something really special? Wake up, wake up, let’s play! Life is about playing. We take life too seriously! We just start, we just play and we practice and we show up.” [40:20]

Danielle: “I can always be more but I don’t make that I am never enough any more.” [43:35]

Danielle: “I want to show women that you can trust your heart as well as your head.” [42:28]

Nic: “When women tune into their intuition, amazing things happen. Women inherently know what needs to be done and yet they create lives full of obligation, control and duty...and they make connection… When women step into their power they are able to connect with women and other men on a different level.” [50:14]


On what being unconventional means to Nic and Danielle

Nic: “It means living out of a system. They live within the system of mortgages and jobs and we have to go somewhere monday to friday because that’s what jobs look like. We create these rules around the way things are meant to be. Being unconventional means: create the life you love.” [55:00]

Danielle: “It simply means choosing life. It means awake-ness, consciousness and taking the path that you want to take without worrying about who is going to judge you for it. Own your gifts and play them as big as you possibly can.” [57:18]





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