#78 How to become an elite public speaker with Alex Merry

Apparently, a quarter of us are more concerned about the idea of speaking in front of an audience than dying…

That's a little extreme if you ask me, but the truth is, so many people ARE terrified of the idea of speaking in public.

So how does someone go from hating public speaking to becoming one of London’s most sought-after speaker coach?

In today’s episode I sit down with Alex Merry, speaker coach and founder of TEDxClapham who also happens to have been one of the key people who helped me prepare for my TEDx talk at TEDxCardiff back in April 2017.

Alex has trained and mentored hundreds of people by transforming the way they communicate and his clients include business leaders, scholars, authors, coaches and a world champion boxer.

And he's also the mastermind behind Roger Frampton’s TEDx talk “Why Sitting Down Destroys You” that’s reached 1.6million views and was in the top 5 most TEDx talks watched in 2016.

In today’s episode we talked about:

• Why people fear public speaking and what you can do about it
• Strategies to land a TEDx talk (and what NOT to say!)
• What you need to know before launching your own business
• Why having a big crazy dream will drive you in your business
• Why you need to embrace public speaking to grow your brand

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