#97 How to achieve anything with 2x World Record breaker Kiko Matthews

Have you ever had a bad day or maybe found yourself feeling a little down? And thought about what you could do to feel a little better?

Chances are, you probably didn't think about smashing a world record and putting yourself through a bucket load of pain in the process?

Well, today's guest did just that...

After facing a life-threatening disease, 37-year-old former teacher Kiko Matthews set herself the challenge of becoming the fastest woman to solo row across the Atlantic, unassisted with zero previous experience of rowing…

As you’ll hear in today’s episode, half way through her training, her brain tumour came back.

But that didn’t stop Kiko from believing she could accomplish her goal of proving that anything is possible if you really want it and set your mind to it.

The result? Eight months after being operated on, this incredible human being rowed the 21ft-long Soma of Essex for up to 16 hours a day, sleeping in two-hour shifts, spent 49 days at sea crossing the 3,200+ miles from East to West, smashed the previous record of 56 day (which was set by the French in 2002…Ouch!) by just over a week and now is a 2x World Record holder.

Her goal was simple: to empower and inspire women to push their boundaries while supporting King's College Hospital Charity, who saved her life in 2009 and again in August 2017, raising more than £100,000 for them.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the craziest and most inspiring interviews I’ve had to date with someone who simply refuses to call herself inspiring or special.

And yet, although she may be just like everyone else, she is all of that and so much more.

I can’t wait to hear your reactions and what was your favourite quote of today's episode over on social media by tagging me (@markleruste) and Kiko (@kikomatthews).



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